Support Tribes and Nature Defenders in the Philippines


Bloomeria and Tribes & Nature Defenders want to safeguard 200 hectares in the remaining Sacred Forest through land purchase.

Who is Tribes and Nature Defenders ?

Tribes and natures defenders is a non-profit organization based in the Philippines. They were founded in 2007. The organization was created by the tribal elders and leaders to address the issues of deforestation, mining, wildlife trading, sacred forest selling, poverty, identity loss and community heath. The organization implemented various projects to safeguard their their forest.

Their project

The project deals with the different issues in the communities to save the remaining sacred forest and create sustainable livelihoods for the tribal communities.  The project will safeguard 200 hectares through land purchase, create sustainable livelihoods through climate coffee and cacao production and reforestation through planting native trees and agroforestry projects. These projects will make a long-term impact to stop deforestation, fight hunger and restore the denuded mountains.


More information

Tribes And Natures Defenders Inc.

Contact : Datu Lanelio T. Sangcoan

[email protected]