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Link nature protection to Blockchain technology : It is a matter of







Bloomeria is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, specifically the Ethereum blockchain.

What is a blockchain? It is simply a public ledger of who holds what. This register is updated in real time, and automatically.

Why use a blockchain? Because the total transparency of blockchains offers us a new way to trust each other, to empower people and to organize ourselves differently. Indeed, blockchains allow the exchange of information (or value) directly from person to person (or computer to computer).We do not need to know people we trade with anymore. We do not need trusted institutions or intermediaries anymore. Trust is not a risky gambling anymore. It is a rule, written in the code. 

What are the advantages ? Fewer intermediaries mean lower costs, more speed, performance. Everyone shares the same information in real time and the exchanges are visible to the community. Participants make the system work, not a single central entity or authority that holds the power. This is why it is decentralized. Thanks to its architecture, we can’t modify a blockchain’s content. It is like a newspaper, once the information is published it is very difficult to modify it because you would have to retrieve and change every newspaper distributed on the kiosks!

What can we do with a blockchain? What represents value is very different for each person and can take so many different forms: a financial transaction, a contract, a patent, a medical record, a vote, the copyright of a song or artwork, a title deed, a university degree, a certificate of authenticity and much more.

Nature is valuable to us.

Working with Blockchain technology would allow us to raise funds for nature conservation projects in a perfectly transparent way. We can choose together how this money is spent. We can govern our organization without depending on any jurisdiction. We can grow Bloomeria from our living rooms anywhere in the world.

Our platform, called a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an incorruptible form of organisation that belongs to you, the people who helps create and finance it. Its rules are public, written in the code, auditable by everyone. Decisions are taken by the community itself : indeed, the governance of Bloomeria is based on shared rules and values. This way, projects can emerge and be managed on the basis of principles known and approved by our community. By investing in Bloomeria, users get voting rights and subsequently the ability to influence the way Bloomeria operates.

To conclude, we use Ethereum because it represents a powerful source of freedom : it allows us to regain control over what is valuable to us, fastly, efficiently, without intermediaries, in complete transparency and autonomy.