Welcome to Bloomeria – An innovative non-profit organization



We are a platform that funds the creation of protected areas by environmental organizations and citizens, connects actors, builds a community of contributors and establishes transparent participatory governance.



We offer an easy access to cryptocurrency fundraising to environmental organizations. Donators can select exactly which project they want to fund, and will get report on the results. We also help citizens to fund, create and manage protected areas.



Biodiversity is dangerously declining, climate change is there and showing. Moreover, we want to provide financial transparency and collective involvement to people willing to fund an environmental project.


CO2 Certification

In Bloomeria, we are convinced that developing the carbon economy is the future. An economy in which not only States and governments but also, above all, citizens groups and organizations are able to enter this carbon economy and contribute to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, in a totally decentralized manner.

As a consequence, we will be working with a certification body in order to be able to link a CO2 certificate to any NFT related project. This certificate will contain an estimation of the carbon sequestered by the green area that is financed. The estimation will be based on a model using satellite cartography. If the project holder would like to add more information from the field, the amount of CO2 sequestrated will be all the more accurate.


Index of biological integrity

In Bloomeria, we are convinced that carbon emission reduction and the safeguarding of ecosystems are two aspects of a global issue. Indeed, healthy ecosystems act as huge carbon sinks, while climate change tends to degrade soils quality. Taking these problems into account together is meaningful to us. Many indexes exist in order to measure the biological quality of ecosystems. Among them, the index of biological integrity seeks to characterise biodiversity at the global scale of a site. For each NFT related project, the biotic index will be evaluated by naturalists, and could therefore be linked to the estimated carbon that is sequestered.



Buying Bloomeria’s NFTs will allow NFTs holders to be part of Bloomeria community. First, NFTs holders will be able to vote to Bloomeria’s proposals and thus be full members of the DAO. This means that NFTs holders will be able to change the project approval process, answer votes regarding the budget, have a say about potential ethical questions arising, or elect the executive team, among others possibilities. NFTs holders will also be able to have a say regarding the project they helped finance, if project holders (citizens groups or environmental organizations) have given their prior consent.


Artistic aspects

Art and culture have always played a major role in the evolution of human societies. Art raises awareness, opens minds and possibilities, and increases imagination. We are convinced that ecological transition would benefit from a greater involvement of artists. That’s why we think NFT’s are the perfect tool not only to finance ecological projects, but also to bring art and transition together, and to gather communities around collective issues. Bloomeria will work with local artists for each financed project. By buying our NFT’s, you not only finance a nature conservation project, you also support artistic creation, and help artists in their work to raise awareness on the important issues related to the transition.

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Laurie Delmer


Anthropologist and economist, focusing on the strategy of the organization, willing to connect environnemental protection with the world of blockchain. With her background in eco-innovation and project management in the non-profit sector, she understands their challenges and expectations and turn them into results.

Alice Jones


Biologist and ecologist, taking care of operations, and contributing to most strategic topics, with a focus on efficiency, science and accessibility. Passionate about collective intelligence, she seeks to sensibilize and engage citizens into common goods governance, thanks to her pedagological backround and her knowledge in ecological transition issues.

Thibault Dory

Technology Advisory

Computer engineer with a passion for the blockchain technology, giving advice on how to set up a proper and scalable tech environment as well as how to autonomate the platform.




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